A Study in Brimstone


Book One. John Watson's new room-mate is a sorcerer and hiding it poorly.  Though he ought to be rebuilding his medical practice and reclaiming his right place in Victorian society, Watson keeps getting swept up in one Warlock Holmes caper after another. 

Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles


Book Two, Watson begins coming into his own as an adventurer, to help his very-nearly dead friend, Warlock Holmes. Can he survive a tricycle battle to the death and the onslaught of wicked sorcerer Hugo Baskerville? If so, he may just learn the mystic origin of Holmes's powers.

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My Grave Ritual


Book Three. Just as Holmes and Watson are hitting their stride, a pair of ancient enemies return. James Moriarty reclaims his criminal empire and Irene Adler bests Watson with a kiss.

Sign of Nine_final.jpg

The Sign of Nine


Book Four. Frustrated by his ignorance of magic, Watson begins poisoning himself with mystic injections to gain knowledge of Moriarty and Adler. The cost? His health, his happiness, and his place at 221B.

Finality Problem_high res_approved.jpg

The Finality Problem


Book Five. Banned from the company of Warlock Holmes and forbidden to help in mystic cases, Watson struggles to insinuate himself into Holmes's adventures. He'd do anything to shrug off his new wife and sucessful medical practice, to return to a life of danger.

(Coming May 2020 from Titan Books)



Reading out loud to yourself in a dark room? 

No, no, no. This will never do.

Get the estimable Mr. Robert Garson to do that for you.

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For a full-immersion experience, why not try Graphic Audio's excellent adaptations? Music! Sound effects! But most importantly, a gang of talented actors to bring Warlock and his friends to life.

I laughed like a loon.

James Lovegrove, New York Times Bestseller


Full of charm, humor, and demons. Lots of demons.

Robert Brockway, author of The Unnoticeables


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